2019 Year In Review


What a year! 2019 was one crazy, wild ride. We had 18 weddings, 13 engagement sessions, 16 other shoots (theatre, family, newborn, events, etc). It was a whirlwind end to the decade. The beginning of 2020 has been so busy that I have not had a moment to review and savor all the work from last year until now. I pulled a few of my favorite shots from the year and compiled them in this blog post. I had such a great time looking back over 2019 and all these weddings. I still can’t believe how many incredible people that I had the privilege to serve and photograph.

When I look through this gallery, I see more than just a bunch of curated, pretty images… I see the stories that I witnessed and the lives that I documented. Monumental moments frozen in time for each of these couples. No two of my couples were the same, no two weddings were the same and yet they all have a common thread of love. I see the love they poured into each of their weddings and into the start of each of their marriages. I see the legacy that each of them are building.

In the same way, this was the year I started building towards where I want to be in my business and what I want my professional legacy to be. This was definitely the biggest wedding year of my career. I also made time to study advanced photography techniques and business from Katelyn James, a well-known photographer that I admire. I stretched myself artistically and through the courses and it made me a sharper photographer and a more skilled business owner.

2019 was also the year that Paul and I made the jump from renting to owning our very first home, which is no small feat, especially here in the Bay Area. We finished our wedding season in November and immediately turned around and bought a house. It made for a really non-stop year.

It has been really fun looking back at such a productive and transformational year. Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and decompress, I can begin dreaming up my goals for 2020 and where I want to take my business and all that I want to accomplish.

I hope you love these highlights as much as I do. Enjoy!