Karla & Ellery’s Engagement Session at Sutro Baths

This was the best way to end our 2018 season, with these two! Even though the fog and the rain were hovering over the city, somehow it miraculously cleared up right as Karla and Ellery’s session started. Even though I’ve lived here my entire life, it was the first time that I had ever seen the bay clear of fog and a bright and clear sunset over Sutro Baths at the same time. The sun shining through the trees was so epic during the first part of the session and sunset was gorgeous and golden as it set over the ocean.

These two looked so PERFECT in their gorgeous outfits. They really made these two pop out against the trees and the ocean. They were so adorably sweet together and they were so much fun. They originally met through salsa dancing in New York and I loved hearing about their love story! They flew in for the holidays and are currently in the process of moving to California before their wedding. We are so excited for their new adventures on the West Coast and their wedding this year!