Sarah & Ryan’s Anniversary Session at Joaquin Miller Park

Nothing could dampen the spirit of these two at their anniversary session even with a surprise of fog and a huge crowd at each of the locations. Sarah and Ryan celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary last year and to celebrate they decided to have their portraits done this year with Sarah wearing her wedding dress barefoot amongst the California redwood trees. For their session, they picked Joaquin Miller Park. It is such a great spot and a hidden gem of the east bay. The redwoods and fern groves look like something straight out of a fairytale! Right before their session, the fog rolled in and it created an atmospheric and mysterious look to their portraits.

For the second part of their session, we went down the hill to the Joaquin Miller Cascades. It is a gorgeous spot with an epic staircase, reflecting pools and a view of Oakland and the Bay. We weren’t the only ones with that idea to use that spot though! Even though you can’t see them in the images, there were a ton of ladies working out and running up and down the staircases in bright neon colors!! We had a get pretty creative with our cropping and our locations so that the background wasn’t full of spandex and neon.

Because of the fog and the crowds, we set up a quick reshoot to make sure that we were able to capture the sunshine coming through the redwoods and create the portraits that they were dreaming of! Scroll down to see both of their sessions in the forest with us!

Sarah and Ryan were so much fun and had me laughing at every turn! They are seriously cute together too! Ryan always offered Sarah his hand and helped her in and out of grasses and bushes- what a gentleman! On top of being so much fun, both Sarah and Ryan were such easy going models and we had such a blast together! I loved working with them! We are so happy for the two of them and we wish them many more years of marriage bliss!

Happy anniversary!!